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Current News

Sen. Clinton details plan for health care
Thirteen years after presiding as first lady over a failed attempt at a national health-care plan, Senator Hillary Clinton presented a plan that avoided some of the political pitfalls that contributed to the demise of the Clinton administration's health plan in 1994. Her new plan would allow anyone to keep their current medical plan...READ MORE - Sept. 18, 2007

Current Stories

Broken Ankle, Broken Healthcare
On March 27, 2004, I broke my ankle; really broke it.  Without any insurance, I made arrangements with the hospital to pay a fee of $3,100 for my surgery in April. The hospital made a big mistake and issued an insurance billing, which they sent to me. That billing was for $19,696.77! There needs to be some real reform, when a hospital has to bill over $19,000 in order to get $3,000. READ MORE

Current Headlines

Christmas in September?
The Annenberg Foundation has given $10 million to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to help replace the facility damaged in a 1994 earthquake. READ MORE - Sept. 12, 2007







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